Casper Dual Immersion

Description of a Dual Immersion Program

Dual Immersion is a concept that can mean a few different things depending on the student population.  For us in Casper, it means that 50% of a student’s day would be spent learning in English while the other 50% of the day would be in a second language.  The beauty of this set-up is that once the student gets a grasp of the language (it happens much faster than you think!), then the student begins to learn content in the second language.  Rather than adding one more thing to a student’s already busy day, this model just re-arranges how the day is taught.  Students begin learning THROUGH the second language.

Content areas taught in the second language are usually math, science and civics.  Content areas taught in English are reading, literature and any reviews of the subjects taught in the second language.  The two teachers work closely as a team to ensure that ALL material is being taught and understood.

The two languages that we are primarily interested in are Chinese (Mandarin) and Spanish.

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