Casper Dual Immersion

Update on the next steps

So, a few of you have asked where we stand. Here ’tis.

Mark Mathern has a “Request for Proposal” out to school principals. A Letter of Intent, or LOI, is due within a few weeks from schools wishing to pursue a better understanding of what DLI is and what it is not. Principal and staff will travel to Utah to observe DLI schools there and return home to educate the rest of the staff. Schools will then have to decide if the school would be a good fit for a DLI program. If they decide they want to submit a proposal to change two sections of their school to DLI over the 4-5 year transition time, they have until sometime in late February or March to do submit a written proposal (there is a date, I just don’t remember at this point;)).

If you have a school in mind, talk to the principal and your PTA/PTO leaders. Schools cannot be in the running if they don’t have an LOI.

Parents: Our information night will be on Jan. 24th at 7:30pm at Central Services. It is here where parents can come and learn about the framework for DLI, understand how this option will work within open enrollment, ask any questions they have and fill out an application for the Spanish or Mandarin wait list. Or both! We are still asking for a Kindergarten and 1st grade initial year. After that, the program will only add one year at a time.


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