Casper Dual Immersion

Last Informational Meeting

Attention: Tonight’s Informational/Update Meeting

Please join the district teams, the parent steering committee and the parents who visited Utah’s DLI programs to hear about their experiences. This will be the LAST opportunity to hear about the program before the decision is made where to house the program/s.

Time: 7pm TONIGHT
Where: Central Services

Enrollment applications will be available to place students on the wait list. You will also be able to hear about the process of selecting a school, a language and how enrollment will work. See you there!


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3 thoughts on “Last Informational Meeting

  1. Nichole collier on said:

    Hi Thea! I cannot attend tonight but I did attend two other meetings. At one of the meetings I filled out the application. Just so I am clear, that application gets us on the list and that is the same list they will be calling us from, correct? I just want to make sure there is only one form to sign and that my son is on that list. Thanks!

    • theatruewells on said:

      You are just fine. Thanks for worrying;). We are still trying to get the word out and the parents in the door.

  2. This all sounds promising! I wish I could be there tonight to hear about all of the experiences in Utah unfortunately I have prior commitments. Would it be possible for someone to take notes and post those on the board?

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