Casper Dual Immersion

Update on 3/25 Trustee meeting


Thank you to the parents who got up and spoke in favor of DLI last night at the Trustee’s board meeting.  As many of you were new faces, thank you, thank you.  Your efforts matter!

The DLI presentation from Dr. Mathern described the results of the parent survey as well as the next steps.  Many questions were asked by the Trustees that were on target (but tough) and the Trustees have obviously been think about what a DLI program would need for success.  Their questions and worries centered on quality implementation, budget issues, attrition of students and the potential need to add teachers during year 4 and 5 when the schools decrease their classroom count from 4 to 3 (or in Park’s case from 3 to 2).  These are good questions but we do worry about their worries!

To access the survey results as well as answers to some board questions, please see the below link.  At the link, scroll through the agenda to the Dual Language Immersion update.  When you hit on that link, you will see the two files.

So, keep getting supporters to write or call the Trustees.  They have to know the community is behind this.


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