Casper Dual Immersion

Vote on April 8th – What you can do now!

The NCSD School Board needs to hear from YOU!

Yes, the Board will be VOTING on April 8th whether or not to fund a (or many) pilot program of DLI.  There are some individuals who have contacted the board in opposition to the program.  It is now up to us (READ: YOU) to help move this along.  Below, you will find email addresses and phone numbers for each board member.  Please, please, please take a few minutes and write or call each one.  Let them know that there are parents who are passionate about this program and who want it started next fall.

Thoughts to remember:

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito. ”  Dalai Lama or African Proverb (regardless, it is good!)

Rita Walsh, Chair

235-3587 (home) 262-8303 (cell)

Dave Applegate, Vice-Chair

234-8975 (home) 258-0406 (cell)

Audrey Cotherman, Treasurer

333-1517 (home) 265-2227 (work) 797-6354 (cell)

Suzanne Sandoval

235-3475 (home) 577-2190 (work) 259-2221 (cell) 577-2265 (fax)

Kevin Christopherson

234-0711 (home) 235-3367 (work) 267-6908 (cell)

Elizabeth Horsch

235-5895 (home) 472-5427 (fax) 262-6177 (cell)

Dana Howie

234-2824 (home) 267-4162 (cell)

Pat Keefe

235-1945 (home) 473-5616 (work) 277-9931 (cell)

Paula Reid

265-0021 (home) 262-3875 (cell)


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