Casper Dual Immersion

Update before Board DLI Vote

Just a few more days to go! The Trustees are worried that next fall may be too soon to start the program. Many believe that we need more time to work out a plan. Many parents whose children would lose out disagree. We are pushing to start next year. By doing this, we need to assure the Trustees that, as parents, we are willing to work through mistakes, hurdles and whatever roadblocks may happen due to the rushed nature of this implementation. We must support the teachers, principals and students as they learn a new language, a new curriculum and a new teaching framework along with the Trustees. Utah has gone overboard in their willingness to help so there will be support and encouragement from them.

Please re-read the following items that were on the DLI student application form. Make sure that you have thought about them and know where and for what language you would be willing to place your son/daughter. IF APPROVED, the enrollment office has a very short timeline to get commitment phone calls out to parents to verify if they are still interested in the program. You will not be able to think about it. Kindergarten placement letters will go out later that week.

Key Items of Agreement:

o I understand parental support is the key to success for the program.

o I understand that learning a language is a slow process and that the program has cross-cultural goals as well as linguistic and academic goals.

o I do not anticipate a move from the district within the next 5 years.

o I realize that children enrolled in the program will remain together from kindergarten through 5th grade.

o I understand that core courses such as math, science, and social studies will be taught in Spanish or Mandarin, and language arts and core material reinforcement will be taught in English. As students advance in the program subjects taught in the target language can change or be added.

o I understand that by signing this waitlist I am willing to consider changing the enrollment of my child to the dual immersion program ofmy choice when it is placed in a school.

More information on the board meeting to follow either this weekend or on Monday.


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