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DLI Vote – April 8th, 7:30 pm – Suggested Talking Points for Public Comment Period

Dual Language Immersion – Suggested Talking Points

Thank you for attending the Natrona County School District Board of Trustees meeting tonight to show your support for Dual Language Immersion programs in the Natrona County school district.

For your convenience, below are three Dual Language Immersion (DLI) talking points.  These are provided to help our supporters stay focused on our two objectives of two languages (Spanish and Mandarin) to begin in the Fall of 2013 for kindergarten students.

You will have only 3 minutes to state your case at the beginning of the Board meeting which starts promptly at 7:30pm Monday April 8th.  After this time, you will not have an opportunity to voice your opinion in this meeting.

As an example, you may choose to focus on one or more of the talking points below when you deliver your address to the Board:

  1. Please tell a personal story to illustrate why dual language immersion is important to you as a parent:
    1. Why is it important to you that your child learn a second language?
    2. Do you travel or do business overseas where a second language would benefit you or eventually help the children of this county/state?
    3. Have you traveled, or travel often, to places where knowing a second language would benefit you?
    4. Are you involved with a Wyoming business that could benefit from selling exports to countries that speak Mandarin, Spanish and/or French?
    5. Has a cross-cultural experience affected your family?  Examples may include, but are not limited to, adopting a foreign child or having a family member that speaks another language.
  1. DLI should be implemented in the Fall of 2013, to take maximum advantage of the current momentum for DLI programs in Natrona County.  Parental involvement should demonstrate that this is a wanted and needed program in Casper.
  1. I understand that learning a second language can have a powerful impact on my child’s future.
  1. Spanish is important due to the number of Spanish speakers in the US, the proximity to Spanish speaking countries, vast travel opportunities, employment opportunities, etc…
  2. Mandarin is one of the most challenging languages to learn as an adult but not for a child.  Learning Mandarin will help our children be competitive in tomorrow’s global market.  It is important to me that my child learn Mandarin first and then possibly learn an easier language such as Spanish, French, Portuguese at a later date because…

PLEASE THANK THE TRUSTEES and tell them that by adopting DLI programs they are sending a powerful message to the community that the Board is being proactive in preparing our children for the future.

Thank you very much for your support of the Dual Language Immersion program.  This will be such a gift for our children!


Governor Mead talks DLI

Here is the link to Gov. Mead’s interview with Zach Pagano of KCWY.  Gov. Mead talks about Jackson’s program and why he would like to see the numbers grow.  Thanks Zach and KCWY!

Gov. Mead and DLI

Governor Meads mentions DLI in his State of the State address!

Check out the video here……We are approximately at minute  44.35 – 47.50

The condensed text is as follows….

Discussions between the DOE, the Legislature and my office should focus on issues such as high school graduation rates, dual language immersion opportunities, charter schools, career-technical education, or how to minimize the potential for school violence…

We are not setting the stage for the best education system possible for our children.  We’ve got the funding. We’ve got the buildings. We’ve got the great teachers. Now we need to increase high school graduation rates, improve college readiness, and have a long-term path to excellence in education. We owe it to our kids and to our state. There needs to be a clear message to people, to administrators, to everyone that Wyoming will not accept the status quo, that Wyoming will have a predictable, accountable, long-term path to educational excellence. Our state’s future depends on it because today’s students are tomorrow’s citizens, workers and leaders…

We want our papers’ headlines to speak of results, of innovation in education….it is up to us to do the work to get the headlines that we seek.  That Wyoming is progressing towards excellence in education.  This is the session to get us back on track.


I absolutely support dual language immersion! I would love to see this opportunity in place ASAP! If we have this available for Natrona students they will by far have an edge that many students in the country do not have. The long term outcomes for this program are huge, our kids will have an advantage on jobs and opportunities.  –  Shawnna Punteney, parent, business owner

Speaking another language will open doors. We want our kids to have those keys! A dual immersion program is the way to go, is the best way to really become fluent in another language.  – Mark and Nohora Groce, language teacher, parent

“I LOVE the idea of language immersion. I absolutely support the idea.”   – Dana Howie, retired teacher

I have long appreciated the success of the Utah DLI programs and have asked the question why couldn’t the Utah model be implemented in Wyoming. If I am fortunate enough to be elected for another term on the School Board, I will commit my
time and energy in supporting the addition of Dual Language Immersion in the NCSD No. 1 elementary school curriculum.
It is long overdue.   –  Donn McCall, NCSD Trustee

As a person who participated in a dual immersion program with Portuguese and English overseas, I am grateful for the opportunities it afforded me as I pursued my higher education as well as job opportunities. It makes a huge difference to be thinking in the different languages rather than translating back and forth. My personal observation is that “working in” more than one language growing up facilitates learning other subjects as well.    –  Liz Ott, CPA, MBA, Casper College Professor

I’d like to see the district offer a language immersion program for students that want to be prepared for the global market.  – Mark Peterson, MBA, parent

Dual Language Immersion allows children to learn a language when they are most adept at learning language – when they are young.  The program doesn’t add one more thing to a family’s busy life;  it simply enhances the same curriculum because it is being taught in the second language.  It will give the next generation the ability to understand, speak, LEARN AND BE CREATIVE in two languages.  This is a gift that we should not pass up!   –  Thea True-Wells, M.Ed, parent

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