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DLI in Natrona County video

Check out this video about DLI in Natrona County  VIDEO


Article about bilingualism

Good article about bilingualism  here

Could Bilingual Education Mold Kids’ Brains to Better Resist Distraction?

Link to the article here

Spanish DLI Parent Task Force

There is a new group for Spanish Dual Immersion on Facebook, if you are interested in the program and willing to help please join us:

Informational video of the Mandarin DLI program

An informational video of the Mandarin DLI program.

Aaron Wilson gave a great update to the Trustees at last night’s work session (thanks Aaron Wilson). Trustees will vote on implementation of Spanish at Park Elementary and give the go ahead for PV’s second class at the Nov. 11th Board Meeting (7:30pm). If you are in Casper, please plan on attending and showing your support for the program.

Click here to watch the video

Governor Mead talks DLI

Here is the link to Gov. Mead’s interview with Zach Pagano of KCWY.  Gov. Mead talks about Jackson’s program and why he would like to see the numbers grow.  Thanks Zach and KCWY!

Gov. Mead and DLI

Governor Meads mentions DLI in his State of the State address!

Check out the video here……We are approximately at minute  44.35 – 47.50

The condensed text is as follows….

Discussions between the DOE, the Legislature and my office should focus on issues such as high school graduation rates, dual language immersion opportunities, charter schools, career-technical education, or how to minimize the potential for school violence…

We are not setting the stage for the best education system possible for our children.  We’ve got the funding. We’ve got the buildings. We’ve got the great teachers. Now we need to increase high school graduation rates, improve college readiness, and have a long-term path to excellence in education. We owe it to our kids and to our state. There needs to be a clear message to people, to administrators, to everyone that Wyoming will not accept the status quo, that Wyoming will have a predictable, accountable, long-term path to educational excellence. Our state’s future depends on it because today’s students are tomorrow’s citizens, workers and leaders…

We want our papers’ headlines to speak of results, of innovation in education….it is up to us to do the work to get the headlines that we seek.  That Wyoming is progressing towards excellence in education.  This is the session to get us back on track.

The bilingual brain

Interesting article that explains how the bilingual brain works and the benefits of being bilingual.  The bilingual brain

How much would YOU pay for DLI?

Wondering how much a DLI education is worth.  Check this out.

Casper Star Tribune Article


Thanks to Elysia Conner for an excellent article about Dual Language Immersion.

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