Casper Dual Immersion

February 8th Update

The District and steering committee continue to give Open Houses for interested parents/guardians to learn more about DLI. Next Open House is next  Thursday February 14th at Noon at Central Services – 970 N. Glenn Road.  Lunch will be served. Wait list applications will be available.

We have also been giving talks to staff and parents about DLI , why we want it for our children’s education and what it will mean for the building that adopts a DLI strand. We have spoken to the Paradise Valley staff as well as Fort Caspar and Verda James’s staff and parents. Lively discussion was had at all three locations!

The district will be taking representative groups from PV, FCA and Park to Utah on the 20th and 21st. Not sure what Verda is doing. They will then come back to their schools and educate the others on what they saw, their impressions and their desire to submit a DLI proposal. Proposals are due sometime in the beginning of March. From these proposals, the district will select the school and then begin calling parents/guardians to determine if they are still interested in the program.

We will give updates as we have them.


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